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3 reasons on why quiting Twitting was wrong choice!

TLDR: Social Media has always been a powerful tool for people like me. It always has been an opportunity to embrace who you are and what you are doing right now. Quitting one of the influential media won’t give any advantages but it could be a mistake you are making what you are.


When the clock ticked 7PM on the date of 4th June 2019 I had no idea what it was going to happen. I was normally on twitter with some conversations mostly informal at the moment and then I hit the wall. I couldn’t move it aside and continue and I decided I should stop it. Then I posted it all and here it is.

I am ending my Twitter Journey here tonight and do not intend to return until I do sth or become something. It has always been an addiction plus fun with you lovely people. It will be a hard decision to keep this way. Thank you all the lovely ppl here!

Lets go big!

-RB— Rajan BhattaraI (@cdrrazan) June 4, 2019

After posting it all, I immediately uninstalled twitter app except a task remained and after I was done, twitter was gone. Then I had all the time in the world to think on, what is going to happen next? What big stuff are you going to attack? What chance are in your hand to make it large? What have you done?

First of all, I was broken. Not of sad one but I really felt something inside. This created an empty void inside not knowing what but it was it. BUT, HEY THERE LET’S MOVE ON! The second after this, I was onto an old diary that had steps to carry on like an old guide book, a sailor for the boat strangled alone in the sea and then I found that this is it. I should be and definitely should be following this list. For all those years, I didn’t remember this diary and how come that one on the night to get broken and fixed at the same moment? I have no idea who planted that damn seed into there thinking I was the one who could start seeding out of big NO-WHERE.

If you don’t know me at all or a bit little, I am software engineer by my work. If you are one of my followers in twitter, you should have made some guess by my tweets, by my opinions. I am too opiniated guy. I don’t have strong preference however I like my choice classy. I mostly write codes and an open guy who likes to help people specially about tech stuff or social media or branding. In fact, if you are on this blog for the first time, you should be checking out in further days for more exciting content that are already on the pipelines. 😀

At June 05, 2019 (at the day time of the writing), when I was with my colleagues and discussing about social media stuff during break session in office, I was quite astounded by the fact of why Twitter and why not NON-Twitter from one of the friend, it made me rethink somewhere you are choosing the wrong option. Firstly, I had on the brink of my mind the thought of getting a break from twitter just because it is pissing me off, this one got me wrong. Personally here’s are my few thoughts on what you should be doing on twitter. [ It may not work for you, but yes for me!]


1. TWITTER is Twitter! <3

TWITTER is unlike any other Social Media!

A little story behind why I am too opinionated to be going away from Facebook. First of all, Facebook isn’t Facebook for me. Since 2017, I am barely on Facebook because nothing fruitful is going to be done on Facebook. Twitter on the other hand has always been a weapon to reach, to connect with some powerful people as well, and could act as a medium for the bridge that could let us see, we could never on reality. TLDR; I got a chance to interact with DHH (founder of Ruby on Rails) ONCE. Isn’t that COOOL?



The POWER of FOLLOWERS is unlike friends or networks. For eg, One of the most engaged tweets of mine is here!

When this tweet went a kind of viral-like scenario on Feb 16, 2019, a lot of people were much delighted to see and a lot of them commented, shared. The comments were even wonderful in a kind of sense as it was related to tech in its heart. I don’t know even 1% of them and You can never guess the statistical analysis of the single tweet. It went on to create impression on more than 400,000 people.

And the most important one,


3. Invisible Guard and Weapon

The boasting power of twitter and the inspiration from the above point seems to be realistic on supporting why this could be your invisible guard and weapon at the same time. Maintain the twitter profile strongly and target your audience and there is nothing quite like here than on other media. People start noticing you for reasons. And this could be your point to promote your works. THIS IS THE REASON WHY I CAME BACK HERE IN AFTER 24 HOUR. I STILL AM ON MISSION TO DO WHAT I TOLD TO DO.

Here’s my couple of suggestions for a strong twitter profile!

  1. Maintain your all information correct and up to date!
  2. Update your BIO to reflect you and your work or your personality!
  3. Provide a quite concise link to your website or blog!

We will meet in the next blog post soon. Thank you for landing here!

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