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The Ultimate Guide to Start Blogging in 2021!

Blogging has been the new way to make you feel that you can be passionate about. A blog and nice content means someone is well really nice with flow of information about the field. So, you also want to start blogging and share stuff with the world and know the benefit? Then you have come to the right place.


Why quitting Twitter was wrong choice?

Social Media has always been a powerful tool for people like me. It always has been an opportunity to embrace who you are and what you are doing right now. Quitting one of the influential media won’t give any advantages but it could be a mistake you are making what you are.


My Music Routine in coding hours!

Music is always the most pleasant teacher that has guided us through every situation. You have been through in every situation and music is there for you to fight for you, to stay with you as your loyal guide. So, this time I am presenting music routine in coding hours.


How to start career in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a very trendy and demanding field nowadays. It attracts most of the candidates to make their career in this. Many companies open their startup in digital marketing because of its huge demand and huge scope in the market. Almost every organization needs to hire the candidate for providing online marketing services to their clients.


How I optimized ubuntu for my daily works?

My Dell machine 3542 was initially packed with 4 GB of RAM with a single slot? [I had no idea when I bought it 4 years back! ] And currently, I upgraded it with 8 GB ram. My swap space is only 4 GB so I am thinking it all could be my problem!

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Developers, Are you building your personal brand?

Before you say anything or stop reading, blogging is far from dead. This isn’t about getting 1,000’s of visitors to your website. This is about developing a personal brand. And ultimately, it’s about what happens when a prospective employer or customer types your name into Google.


Where are Asians in Programming & Development?

Speaking in the context of Nepal or any other South Asian countries, programming is always taken as the highest paid job. So it attracts the majority of young students to devour their focus on this subject. In the context of Nepal, programming introduction of students up to secondary schooling is of a very low rate. South Asia is the group of developing countries and having China and India as the worlds Largest Consumer Market at its center has these problems as we compare the ratios with the world.


A Comprehensive Guide to Setup custom email for your brand for free!

Custom domains are easy nowadays because domain names are so cheap, you can have a fancy name and fancy extension for example, yourbrandis.cool. But what about the fancy having something like mail@yourbrandis.cool? Sounds pretty cool right? Yes, this seems exactly. You can also have such an email address which will look pretty good in the CV, resume or another place you use.

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